Challenge: Space Flower

Introduction (Background)

Plants in space are the plants grown in the outer space. They can be used for refreshing the atmosphere for extraterrestrial colonies or as a renewable source of food.

One of the wonders of the Earth’s nature is flowers. They are not only reproductive structures for many plants but also very beautiful blooms. Also, flowers in space may provide a psychological benefit to human spaceflight crews.


Growing process looks pretty simple on the Earth. In the outer space, you have problems with how plants grow without gravity, temperature, soils and different types of lighting. Thus, as you can see, it’s a more complex task for flowers. So what’s the best way to grow and store flowers in space?


Describe how you see the process of growing, saving and/or delivering flowers in the outer space. Use any form for your solution: writing, videos, images or schemes.

Useful Resources

Plants in Space

Growing Salads for Long-Term Human Space Travel

Successful Space Seed-to-Seed Plant Growth Experiment

Extra data

Theme: Biology

Skills: Biology, Physics

Difficulty: ★★★☆☆


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