Challenge: Meet My Robot

QSH – Tin Wind Up – Mechanical Robot (Giant Easelback Robot) – Close Up


Space is a dangerous place and human life is too precious to risk it. That’s why we use robots where it is possible for space exploration. Robots can perform dangerous and routine work and they are really helpful.

Robots are not part of sci-fi anymore and we meet them more and more often in our lives. You can buy a robot or even make it yourself.

So let’s talk about robots. Your robots.


Some people still think about robots as about something fantastic and futuristic. For some people, robots are commonness and they don’t wonder about them. Some people are afraid of robots. Some of you construct and program robots.

Let’s talk about robots. Robots are interesting and we all should talk about them.

Tell about YOUR robot. It can be bought from a geek shop or it may be constructed by yourself. Maybe your team develops the new generation of robots. Describe it and your experience of working with it. Tell why you think it is interesting.


Write a short story about your robot (any if you have several). How you got it. What is special about your robot? Is it interesting and why, if you think it is.


Add a video link and show your robot (you can use video story instead of writing).

Add photos or schemes of your robot.

Any additional links if you think they could be important (maybe a link to an open source repository with schemes and code).

Useful Resources

Wikipedia definition

“Build Your First Robot” at Popular Mechanics

“Your First Robot” at

“Introduction to Robotics” at MIT OpenCourseWare

Extra data

Theme: Robotics

Skills: Engineering, Writing

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

Estimated Time: 1h – Infinity


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