SpaceNews: November 23, 2015

PIA17944-MarsCuriosityRover-AfterCrossingDingoGapSanddune-20140209 (1).jpgMars rover finds rich mineral stew in fractured rock

Chemical analysis by NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity indicates that water made several repeat appearances to create the rich mineral veins at a site called “Garden City” in the lower part of Mount Sharp.

The veins form in places where fluids have moved through fractured rocks, depositing minerals and leaving telltale chemical fingerprints on surrounding areas. Some of the mineral veins at Garden City protrude the equivalent of two finger widths above the now-eroded bedrock in which they formed.

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Earth Stole Water and More from the Young Moon

Earth may have stolen away water that would otherwise have gone to the moon.

New research suggests that after the impact that formed the Earth and its moon, our planet may have snatched up easily vaporized material known as volatiles, including water and other molecules. As the newly formed moon moved away, it may have spurned the remaining material available, casting it back toward Earth.

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Airbus Defence and Space delivers first ACES ground terminal

-AD-AIRBUS_DS-MISE_EN_CONTAINER_TELSTAR12V-217All around the world scientists are getting ready to challenge what is known today about time and space. A rigorous test of Einstein’s theory of relativity is the aim of the ACES (Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space), developed by Airbus Defence and Space for the European Space Agency ESA.

Airbus Defence and Space will deliver nine Ground Terminals needed to compare their ultra-accurate atomic clocks to the ACES “super clock” that will orbit Earth on the International Space Station.

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Latin American countries to cooperate on first continental satellite

Latin America continues efforts for greater continental integration with plans to cooperate on the region’s first satellite. Arsat, Argentina’s government-owned satellite company, have led meetings with Latin American ambassadors to agree on plans for the non-commercial communication project.

Speaking about the project to the Nodal news network, Arsat president Matias Bianchi said  “In Latin America there is a great need to develop the satellite industry. We have countries with complex geographies and high population densities, where a satellite helps bridge the digital divide in areas that can not easily [be] reached by ground infrastructure.”

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A job opening for a Customer Service Representative, Airbus. The Customer Service Representative (CSR) will facilitate a single point of contact for all Airbus Defence and Space Services Government Communications customers. Their aim to reflect and foster a truly customer focused culture in line with Best Practices and to achieve Customer Service Excellence. More information

NASA is hosting the workshop to collect proposals for locations on Mars that would be of high scientific research value while also providing natural resources to enable human explorers to land, live and work safely on the Red Planet. Maybe you have your own ideas and proposals for landing sites? Look at all the available resources and share your thoughts. More information


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