Space portfolio (9)We know for sure that if you are reading this you are fascinated with space the same as we are. Besides sharing a common interest in researching and getting to know more about space there are numerous exciting opportunities to get an interesting job in the industry and contribute directly to space exploration.

It’s hard to land a job without any prior experience, a solid resume or portfolio. And this is where Spacer comes in handy. Here on the website you can do a lot of things on your own, with your friends or with our community to add practical experience to your resume.

  • Contribute to Projects. By participating in open source projects you are directly participating in space industry growth. When you are choosing the projects to contribute to, make sure that the areas they are within are interesting to you and rea correlated to your future space career adventures. By being strategic in building your Spacer portfolio you will create a very unique practical set of skill for yourself.
  • Engage with community. The more we talk with companies, the more we hear the need of team players. Not only for working on Earth, but also, and especially, for those planning to be aboard space crafts. The more you share your thoughts with community, help the novices or contribute in any possible way via commenting, the more you demonstrate that you are a great addition to any team.
  • Fill up your Profile. Your profile at this point will be your business card. We advise you to add a link to your LinkedIn profile as well as a set of links at Spacer that you feel pride for. Whether it’s a link to you challenge solution, project participation mentioning or valued by the community comment, all these elements build up your Spacer profile.
  • Browse Jobs and apply to the ones you like with your Spacer profile. We are hand picking the best space industry careers for you, since we want to connect dedicated Spacers with the best companies that offer exciting and promising career opportunities.



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