Space News: December 2, 2015

s4je61aywfluuanabua0SpaceX wants to land a rocket at Cape Canaveral

Perhaps feeling a bit put out that Blue Origin stole its re-usable rocket thunder, commercial spaceflight company SpaceX is setting aside the whole landing a rocket on an ocean drone thing. Instead, for its next attempt to bring a Falcon 9 booster safely back to Earth from the great beyond, SpaceX wants to go whole hog, and land at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

That’s according to NASA representatives, who confirmed that SpaceX will try to send a rocket to space and land it back on solid ground while speaking with the media at Kennedy Space Center’s 39A pad. SpaceX is in the process of preparing the pad for future uncrewed Falcon 9 launches, and eventually, for NASA astronauts.

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NASA announces early stage innovations space technology research grants

NASA has selected 15 university-led proposals for the study of innovative, early stage technologies that address high priority needs of America’s space program.

“The agency’s space technology research areas lend themselves to the innovative approaches U.S. universities can offer for solving tough science and exploration challenges,” said Steve Jurczyk, associate administrator for NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate in Washington. “NASA’s Early Stage Innovations grants align with NASA’s Space Technology Roadmaps and the priorities identified by the National Research Council, helping enable NASA’s exploration goals including robotic missions to Mars and the outer planets, and ultimately human exploration of Mars.”

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The mysterious aging of astronauts

astronauts-aboard-the-issNot only do astronauts come back with weak muscles and frail bones. But they also suffer from skin thinning, atherosclerosis (stiffer arteries), resistance to insulin and they suffer from loss of vision due to cataracts many years earlier than expected given their chronological age. These symptoms look a lot like skin aging, cardiovascular aging, age-related diabetes and so forth. In fact, it is pretty accurate to say that astronauts age at an accelerated rate.

This is despite the fact that the current generation of astronauts follows a rigorous exercise program. They are also followed medically more closely than just about anyone on Earth: they don’t indulge in regular fast food.

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A job opening for an Environmental Engineer, Orbital ATK. Orbital ATK is currently seeking an experienced Environmental Engineer to provide leadership to our Defense Group team in our Plymouth, MN offices. More information

Build up your space resume by participating in the CFD Launch Simulation challenge. Make a CFD model for spacecraft launching process. You can use any rocket or shuttle model that was launched already. Try to experiment with various weather conditions and find which weather is good enough for aerospace launches. More information


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