Project: KubOS


Small satellites or Smallsats are satellites of low mass and size, usually under 500 kg (1,100 lb). While all such satellites can be referred to as small satellites, different classifications are used to categorize them based on mass.

The barriers to entry for satellite developers are vast, from payload and launch costs to government regulations and the need for highly specialized skill sets.

About the project

KubOS is a small layer in the development process that will allow satellite developers to quickly create mission software for a satellite. KubOS, Open Source Software for Satellites, is built for nano satellites, pico satellites, and cubesats, and it can be scaled for small satellites.

How I can help

The KubOS license will allow people not only to use KubOS for free but also to make changes to the code for free. If you have programming skills you can contribute to the project and help it grow.

How to Contribute

Additional links

Openkosmos on Github

Contact the team


KubOs website


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