Jobs: Aircraft, Commercial Jet Service Engineer, Mitsubishi (US, Japan)


– Phase 1: Initially, personnel will report for 1 month to Dallas, TX to have visa arrangements made before they go to Japan. In Japan, they will develop service procedures and training materials, perform training of new members, other tasks as needed to operate the customer service center in the United States

– Phase 2: In the US, Operate Customer Service/Technical Support activities for Airline Customer.


The hiring company seeks candidates who are able to be flexible and adjust to Japanese culture. The goal is for English to be the company’s universal language.

Phase 1 @Japan (after 1 month in Dallas, TX)

Develop SE Standard Of Process (SOP) and training materials

1) Spearhead the creation of training programs & training materials for the team in SE department

2) Lead creation of SOP for the SE team

3) Perform training for new staff to develop the organization

4) Gather results of flight tests and input them into a knowledge database

Employees will travel to the workplace by bus, about a 20-30 minute drive from their residence.

Phase 2 @USALead Team SE activity and collaborate with design engineers to address customer questions and troubleshoot issues

Job Requirements

• Required Expertise/Education

1) Bachelors Degree in Engineering Technical Aviation with 5 yrs. aviation related experience, or

2) 7 years in a technical aviation related discipline with at least 5 yrs in an aviation engineering organization Aerospace or Aircraft Systems Engineering preferred Masters Degree in Engineering or aviation related discipline preferred


For Service Engineer positions



1) General knowledge of aircraft systems

2) Defect analysis & troubleshooting in systems (5 years)Aircraft OEM, or component OEM (5 years)

3) Experience managing technical database

4) Min. 5-years of Service Engineering experience in aircraft systems or avionics or propulsion

5) Experience with root cause analysis (RCA) and Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FEMA) methods, practices, and corrective action development.

6) 7 years in a technical aviation related discipline with at least 5 yrs in an aviation engineering organization


For Manager and Leader positions


In addition to the above COMMON QUALIFICATIONS we MUST have;

1) Project Management Experience ( 5 yrs minimum)

2) Familiarity with airline technical operations and support systems, FAR 121 regulations, OEM Service Bulletins, Airworthiness Directives (ADs), and Notices of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRMs). (Leader position ispreferred)

Apply here



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