Falcon 9 tip over cause, another giant black hole and spacesuit water leak at ISS

4dd7ae2073a3478dae8c332fc21dee5e-1560x1105.jpgSpaceX: ice buildup may have led rocket to tip over

The rocket made the hard landing Sunday after launching from Vandenberg Air Force Base, northwest of Los Angeles, and successfully delivering an ocean-monitoring satellite into orbit.

Musk tweeted that the lockout collet on one of the rocket’s four legs didn’t latch, causing it to tip over after landing. He said the “root cause may have been ice buildup due to condensation from heavy fog at liftoff.”

The rocket successfully delivered an ocean-monitoring satellite into orbit after launching from Vandenberg Air Force Base, northwest of Los Angeles.

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Astronomers spot another giant black hole in our backyard

Astronomers have long known that there is a supermassive black hole—known as Sagittarius A*—at the center of our galaxy. Now, a team of astronomers says they have found another one, not quite as big, orbiting 200 light-years from the center of the Milky Way. The team didn’t set out to find a black hole.

While it was using the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan’s 45-meter Nobeyama radio telescope to study an enigmatic gas cloud called CO-0.40-0.22, something unusual caught their eye: an unusually wide range of speeds in the cloud’s gas molecules, suggesting that something massive is accelerating them.

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Spacewalk terminated due to spacesuit water leak

CYyn4r_UkAEBHTQ.jpg-largeFlight controllers ordered two astronauts to terminate a spacewalk outside the International Space Station Friday after one of them reported a small amount of water leaking into his space helmet. While not nearly as dangerous as a 2013 helmet leak that threatened to drown an Italian spacewalker, flight controllers took no chances, ordering both men back to the station’s airlock.

As it turns out, the spacesuit worn by Timothy Kopra Friday is the same suit — serial number 3011 — worn by European Space Agency astronaut Luca Parmitano during the frightening July 2013 EVA, NASA officials said

The suit was extensively modified in the wake of that incident and used successfully as recently as Dec. 21. It’s not yet known if the cause of the leak Kopra experienced Friday was related in any way to the much more serious problem faced by Parmitano, but extensive troubleshooting is expected to pin down what went wrong this time around.

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