Jobs: Material Engineer Level III, Embraer (USA)

Position summary:

• Develop and certify new materials and processes; assist the engineering during the development phase, knowledge in flammability and composite materials. Issue reports as test proposals, results and witnessing tests in labs. Understanding finishing process application on monuments and panels.

Job responsibilities:

• Ensure material (metallic and non-metallic) related engineering data is in compliance with corporate policies and certification requirements

• Apply technical principles, theories and concepts to solve a wide range of challenging engineering problems

• Flammability tests witnessing

• Certificating new materials for aircraft interiors

• Flammability reports analysis and interfacing with partners during reports proposal and issue

• Test Labs identification / qualification and interface between Embraer and labs for metallic and non-metallic materials

• Test results analysis

• Develop new materials and / or improved processes within Embraer manufacturing

• Determine and communicate technical material requirements with design engineering (will work closely with multi-functional)

• Develop project-related data for new or improved material, processes, assembly and manufacturing techniques and associated data including strength allowables


• Must have a Metallurgical, Mechanical, Chemical or Materials Engineer degree or a related field or equivalent work experience


• Must have a minimum of five years of engineering experience. Prior flammability background is required

Apply here


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