Jobs: Avionics Software Design Engineer, Masten Space Systems (USA)

Masten Space Systems is a Mojave, California based rocket company that builds reliable and reusable rocket powered vehicles.

Position Summary

We are seeking an experienced Avionics Software Design Engineer to create real-time embedded software to support control and diagnostics for our launch vehicles and lunar landers. You will also help push the development and execution of component-level GN&C test programs, including integrated on-vehicle testing.

As a member of the Masten Team, you will collaborate with small teams of technicians, engineers, designers and managers on our XS-1 launch demonstrator, our terrestrial EDL test beds and our XL-1 lunar lander.

  • Only minimum travel is required
  • Work in an integrated collaborative multi-disciplinary team environment
  • Take responsibility for your work. Design, build and test.



  • Low-level software requirements definition, development, and debugging including device drivers, memory management, kernel and user mode modules, interrupt handlers, IPC facilities, and network stack
  • Operating System and hardware bring-up, commissioning, and performance evaluation
  • Integration, test, and evaluation of embedded systems
  • Collaboration with hardware engineers on embedded systems design

Desired Skills

  • Experience developing and testing real-time embedded systems, gaming systems, control systems, device drivers, or mobile devices
  • Experience with real-time and/or safety-critical software development
  • Familiarity with sensors and actuators, including GPS, accelerometers, rate gyros, pressure or temperature sensors, solenoids, servos
  • Experience with Linux, GNU toolchain, Python, MATLAB/Simulink code generation, real time operating systems, serial communications, IP networking
  • Experience with digital communication protocols and networks (RS-232/423/422/485, Ethernet [TCP/IP, UDP unicast, IP multicast], CANbus)

Desired Qualifications

  • B.S. degree in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, or related field
  • 3+ years of software development experience
  • Strong software development skills, particularly in C/C++
  • Innovative problem solver with an interest in spacecraft avionics systems development
  • Experience with both autonomous and human-rated software systems


Apply here


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