Projects: Trillian Astronomy

About the project

Trillian is a project whose aim is to bridge the gap between astrophysical models and the vast amount of publicly available astronomical data.

Astronomy produces extremely large data sets from ground-based telescopes, space missions, and simulation. The problem is that no institution can host all of this data, let alone have the resources to properly manage it. The result is that applying analyses against full data sets across the wide range of wavelengths available is either beyond the resources of most astronomers or currently impossible. Trillian will make this simple and straightforward.

A primary component of how this will be accomplished is through a distributed, scalable computation engine. An astronomer needs only supply a model — in physical units — as a small piece of code and submit it to Trillian. The engine will then apply this model against all data available. The user will not need to worry about the details of where the data is or even where the computation is taking place.

Work with Physical Models

Define your model in physical units (e.g. temperature, surface gravity, luminosity, distance) for any range of wavelengths and resolution. Trillian will pass it through each available instrument and determine what it would look like as observed by that telescope.

Public API to Astronomical Data

As one component of Trillian is to store large amounts of data, this provides an opportunity for data access through a streamlined, consistent application programming interface. This API will be made public as part of this project.

How I can participate

Trillian is being designed with modern methods of data access and handling on a large scale (and even expects to push the envelope in this space).

Trillian for Astronomers

Have you always wanted to explore astronomy, but ended up in software? Now’s your chance to make a significant contribution— no astronomy degree required.

Trillian for Developers

Additional links

Trillian Website

Github Repository

Trillian Twitter

Credits and texts

Trillian website


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