Jobs: Senior Orbit Analyst, Flight Dynamics Engineer, Orbital ATK (USA)

The Senior Orbit Analyst/Flight Dynamics Engineer performs pre-mission orbital analyses for geosynchronous and low-Earth orbit satellite missions; performs launch window analysis and defines a mission sequence of events; performs propellant budgeting analyses and estimates on-orbit fuel requirements and mission lifetime; participates in mission rehearsals to simulate orbital analysis tasks performed in operations; performs maneuver planning and optimization analyses; performs orbit determinations to specify tracking system parameters, define the orbital state, and predict orbital events; plans and provides operational support for orbit transfer and station keeping maneuvers; analyzes satellite and constellation access, coverage, lifetime, and additional trade studies; supports concept of operations (ConOps) development. Position requires knowledge of spacecraft mission operations.

Additional duties may include requirements development, writing complex specifications, interface control documents, and engineering reports from advanced studies, special engineering investigations, and similar activities. May be called on to assist in New Business activities such as conceptual design and analysis for proposals and funded studies and may include authoring sections for both.

The candidate should possess strong computing skills with familiarity with Systems Tool Kit (STK), Matlab, Java, C#, C/C++, or Fortran. Experience with other software systems, development environments, or programming languages is beneficial. Understanding of issues in scientific and numerical computing and developing simulations of physical systems is an asset.

Required Qualifications:

1) B.S. in Engineering, Physics, or related field, plus 12+ years of experience in orbital analysis, mission planning and design.
2) Candidate must possess the following skills:
a) Experience with satellite astrodynamics analyses (orbit determination, ephemeris generation, perturbation analysis, maneuver planning, and error analysis).
b) Experience with modern computational and satellite mission analysis software (e.g. Matlab, STK, OASYS, etc.)
c) Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Preferred Qualifications:

1) Satellite mission operations experience.
2) M.S. degree in an applicable engineering discipline.

Orbital ATK is applying entrepreneurial thinking and commercial practices to deliver reliable, innovative and affordable products and services to our customers and grow our core areas while harnessing new technologies that will take our products – and your ideas – into the future. When encouraged to think beyond the ordinary, you’ll be amazed at what you can do!

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