Jobs: Spacecraft Software Engineer, Spire (USA)

Working on our satellites offers software developers a chance to interact with the fullest of stacks, and this position can be customized to fit a variety of experiences and skill sets. As a Spacecraft Software Developer you will be working on the satellites and their terrestrial communication relays. You will have the opportunity to work on various parts of the stack including:

Core systems: Design and implement improvements to our onboard power distribution, computation, and comm systems to enhance functionality, usability, robustness, performance, and integrate new technology

Communications and radio: Leverage innovations in radio design by implementing new communication protocols and integrating new radio hardware

Ground systems: Update ground systems to support changes over multiple generations of satellites

Satellite application platform: Build frameworks for the automated execution of work on the satellite to meet customer requirements or changing operational needs

Candidates must have experience with the following:

Extensive experience with C: interrupt handlers, concurrency, etc.

Strong Linux skills: extensive CLI/scripting familiarity, kernel mods, drivers, etc.

Experience with sensor integration over I2C, SPI, CAN, UART, etc.

Scripting Familiarity: Python, Ruby, Bash, etc.

Strong candidates will also possess skills in one or more of the following areas:

General hardware skills (EE, PCB, PSI)

Networking (ISO, IP, protocol design)

Domain Knowledge (ADCS)

Embedded OS (FreeRTOS, embedded Linux)

FPGA expertise (verilog, VHDL)

RF programming (SDR, USRP)

Apply here


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