Jobs: Systems Engineer, Raytheon (USA)

Bring your talent and skills to the IIS team! Raytheon’s Intelligence Information Systems is focused on providing Operations, Maintenance and Engineering (OM&E) support to our proprietary customer providing Command and Control functions for a satellite ground station.

Key areas of focus include satellite Flight Operations, Mission Planning, Vehicle Operations and Engineering, and Ground systems Engineering.  IIS has experience in the entire spectrum of satellite OM&E and uses this expertise to ensure that all aspects of satellite operational objectives are successfully met.

Job Description:

Engineers are needed to participate in the exciting field of satellite operations and maintenance, in one of IIS’ most important programs.  Join a team of world-class engineering professionals to operate the newest generation of satellites and be part of an innovative team leading the industry to operate and maintain our nations satellites. This is working in a fast paced 24/7 operations environment doing perhaps one of the most rewarding and exciting areas of satellite development.  The O&M team is responsible for all aspects of operations from the ever changing world of tasking requirements to the actual commanding of individual satellites, determining  and solving the most challenging problems, and the exciting knowledge that what you do makes a difference to our countries future.  After completion of intensive training, you will become a part of team that is integral to our nations security. If you think that you would want to be a part of the fast paced atmosphere that permeates the world of satellite operations then maybe you could be an Engineer working in the world of Mission Operations Support.


  • Support operations and test activities
  • Learn and assist in execution of real-time command and control activities, and monitor satellite and ground system telemetry.
  • Report and document anomalous performance and interact with other team members to validate operational requirements performance.
  • Participate in operational planning and training, complete the required training and maintain certification.

This position is an integral part of a 24-hour per day, 7-days a week operations team

  • Availability for call-in is required
  • Rotating shift work is required
  • Availability to work overtime is required
    Required Experience:
  • Demonstrated experience with executing assigned tasks to meet technical objectives.
  • Experience performing work successfully in a collaborative environment with other organizational domains.
  • The ability to train peers in the operation of highly sophisticated computer programs
  • Proficiency in Windows and/or UNIX platform
  • Ability to obtain a TS/SCI Security Clearance prior to starting with the companyDesired Experience:
  • Experience in identifying anomalous system performance

Required Education:

Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace, Mechanical, or Systems Engineering, or BS in Physics with emphasis on orbital mechanics

  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. (Please include your GPA on your resume.)

Apply here


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