Jobs: Optical AIT Engineer, OHB System (Germany)

In this position you take over within your own field of responsibility the development and execution of optical and / or mechanical Integration and Alignment campaigns within one of our large Space Projects. Within the project you plan the alignment campaign, you harmonize the approach with the other disciplines and you establish the relevant documents like alignment plan and procedure. The leading execution of alignment campaigns is part of this position as well as the evaluation of measurement results, its interpretation and justification for project decisions. Furthermore you define, develop and technically procure the optical ground support equipment (OGSE) and ensure its proper implementation and usage throughout the optical verification campaign. Part of your tasks is the permanent development of the processes following state of the art methods and the professional training of AIT staff.

Your TasksĀ 

Independent concept and design of the optical tes plans and procedures for the optical instruments in our large space projects in compliance with the requirements and cost plans
In the frame of the integration and test approach conception, selection of the appropriate measurement equipment, definition of the setup in consideration of instrument constraints and demonstration of the required accuracy by establishing the corresponding error budget.

Definition and Specification of the OGSE in order to enable its procurement via subcontract
Technically support the OGSE procurement taking into account the budget and schedule constraints
Support of the Project and System Engineering Teams throughout all project phases with regard to optical AIT aspects, such as establishing integration and alignment sequences
Independent execution and leading of optical integration and test activities in view of small series production
Coordination with other Engineering sectors involved in the project, such as Mechanics and Optics Departments
Preparation and implementation of standard AIT boards such as TRR, PTR and TRB, participation in cross-project reviews

Timely preparation and compilation of required AIT documents, such as plans, procedures and reports
In cooperation with Product Assurance: conducting inspections, keeping log-sheet records, compilation of non-conformance and problem reports

Your Qualifications

Diploma in Physics, Engineering or similar
Practical experience within Optical measurements in an industrial environment, experience in leading optical test campaigns
Knowledge about alignment and optical measurement technologies, e.g. ShackHartmann sensor, collimators, theodolites and laser tracker together with the related control software and OGSE
Ability to work in a structured way, high degree of motivation and identification with the group and the respective project
Ability to reach goals also under schedule pressure
Willingness to support on or off site shift work for test and alignment campaigns
Excellent communication skills, ability to work in teams
Good written and oral English

Optional Skills

Experience within space projects, in particular in Phase C/D, especially in the integration and test of optical instruments for space applications
Experience of working in the ISO 5 clean room environment
Qualified practical apprenticeship

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