Jobs: Mission Analysis and System Engineer, DEIMOS Space (Portugal)

DEIMOS is selecting an engineer to be integrated in the System Engineering and Earth Observation Mission Analysis (SE-EOMA) Competence Centre of the Flight Systems Business Unit.

The work of the SE-EOMA Competence Centre is oriented to supporting the design of space missions from a mission engineering point of view (mostly for ESA, EC and system integrators), as well as designing and developing system and mission analysis tools to assess mission scenarios and architectures, operations concepts, system performances, and to perform research in celestial mechanics and its applications.

As a matter of reference, DEIMOS activities encompass:

· Earth observation, science and lunar missions

· Formation flying and satellite constellation systems

· Satellite rendezvous and active debris removal (ADR)

· Space transportation systems and re-entry vehicles

· Flight dynamics

· Space system engineering

· Planetary entry, descent and landing

System and mission analysis tools and simulators for the design, analysis and operations of space missions

· Modelling and simulation of space missions and systems, including space environment and space vehicle dynamics.

· Mission design and analysis for Earth observation, science, lunar and active debris removal (ADR) missions.

· Mission design and analysis of multi-satellite systems (constellations, formation flying, convoys) in support to the system design process.

· Specification, design, development and validation of system and mission analysis tools to support the Mission Engineering processes, in particular to enable the assessment of mission scenarios and architectures, operations concepts and system performances.

· Specification, design, development and validation of optimised mission planning algorithms and tools.

· Specification, design, development and validation of flight dynamics tools.

· Play an active role in fostering the consolidation of the engineering processes and promoting technology research, innovation and development actions.

Participation in and/or support to Earth observation, science, lunar and ADR programme activities (covering phases 0, A, B, C, D and E).


The following skills are required for the post:

· Classical mechanics theoretical background

· High knowledge of celestial mechanics and astrodynamics

· Experience in Earth observation, science or active debris removal mission design and analysis (experience in ESA/European programmes is welcome)

· Programming languages: MATLAB and/or C/C++

· Software engineering methods and techniques

Other skill desired for the post are:

· Knowledge of optimisation theory and techniques

· Other programming languages: Java, Fortran

· Object oriented programming

Use of mission analysis COTS: GMAT, STK, etc.


Required: a recognised engineering degree (aerospace, mechanical, electrical, control, computer science engineering) or a related degree (e.g. physics)

Desired: postgraduate studies (e.g. M.Sc. or PhD) on aerospace, flight/orbital dynamics, simulation or software engineering

Engineer with at least 1 year experience in the practical application of the domains relevant to the post (relevant M.Sc. & PhD studies would also be considered)

Good level of English, spoken as well as written

Apply here


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