Satellite imagery platform, autonomous nanosatellites and SpaceX cargo missions

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 10.50.15.pngAstro Digital releases platform for anyone to analyze satellite imagery

Astro Digital, a satellite imaging and imagery analysis company, released the newest version of their image processing software today. Anyone can access their software, for free, and retrieve satellite imagery of any area on Earth. The company also offers an API that developers can use to incorporate satellite data into their products.

The software itself compiles global satellite imagery and allows users to select specific areas of the Earth to monitor over time. Users are notified each time a new satellite image comes in for their specified area.

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Autonomous nanosatellites: satellites that make up their mind

The Würzburg scientists have now started up two space projects, technology missions that will lead to the development and testing of autonomous nanosatellites. The first project is the construction of a nanosatellite called SONATE for “Solutus (independent) Nano Satellite” that will incorporate two systems as payload, an “Autonomous Sensor and Autonomous Planning system” or ASAP and an “Autonomous Diagnosis System for Satellites” or ADIA.

A second project, called NACOMI, “Nano Satellite Communication Interplanetary,” will focus on advanced communications technologies for nanosatellites that will be orbit around moons and planets.  “NACOMI will be a prototype study in a laboratory setting; we will look at different techniques and decide which are the most promising,” says Kayal, a researcher at the University of Würzburg in Germany, whose expertise combines both space technology and computer science.

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NASA awards  5 more cargo missions to the International Space Station


The Elon Musk-owned rocket company SpaceX has been awarded a contract for five new cargo supply missions from NASA worth an estimated $700 billion. The new contract brings the total number of missions to supply the international space station SpaceX has been contracted to complete to 20 since the first agreement was signed in 2008. The contract was actually signed just before Christmas 2005 but was not revealed at the time, Space News reports.

The other company doing “Commercial Resupply Services (CRS)” along with SpaceX, Orbital ATK, which also signed an original agreement with NASA in 208, has been awarded 10 contracts for 10 CRS launches. According to Space News, the awarding in December of new contracts to SpaceX may indicate that Orbital’s “Cygnus” delivery system ma be “falling out of favor with the agency as it assesses space station requirements in the coming years.”

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A job opening for a Mission Analysis and System Engineer, DEIMOS Space (Portugal). DEIMOS is selecting an engineer to be integrated in the System Engineering and Earth Observation Mission Analysis (SE-EOMA) Competence Centre of the Flight Systems Business Unit. More information

Build up your space industry resume by participating in the SatNOGS project. SatNOGS is a network of satellite ground stations focused on observing and receiving the signal of satellites, particularly low earth orbit (LEO) CubeSats. The project could benefit a lot from your participation in its Open Source software and hardware improvements. More information


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