Jobs: Robotics Engineer, Aurora Flight Sciences (USA)

Aurora Flight Sciences is looking for a Robotics and Computer Science Engineer to work on and help architect autonomy software and algorithms for robotics systems in aerospace applications.  The qualifying engineer will have a background in computer science, mechanical engineering, or aero/astro engineering, and experience in software development for control of robotic systems (including path planning) that includes system training and safe interaction with humans and the environment.  Knowledge of ROS and DDS is desirable.  Additional experience with machine vision libraries, Open CV, and the implementation of machine vision libraries on GPUs is a plus.  Applications for autonomy are in the areas o f perception, estimation, state machines, and machine learning.   The robotics system being designed are expected to work in highly structured environments (e.g., working within a known space and known orientation) but may be subject to varying environment conditions (e.g. shaking, tilting, etc.).  At Aurora, the culture, environment, and opportunities are that of a small startup company.  An entrepreneurial spirit and unrelenting can-do attitude is what we’re looking for.

Specific Responsibilities:

Perform independent and team research & development involving architecting, coding, simulation, and integration of control system components for enabling flight vehicle autonomy, control, and estimation.  Work side-by-side with world-class researchers to create software and algorithms for cool and innovative autonomy-related products and tools.

Minimum Requirements:

BS and 2 years of experience or MS in Computer Science with robotics emphasis or relevant engineering areas.   Industry or post-graduate research experience is a plus.  Knowledge of C/C++, ROS, Open CV and CUDA is desired.  Must be a US Person (US Citizen/Green Card Holder).

Apply here


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