Jobs: Avionics Certification Engineer, B/E Aerospace (Canada)

B/E has a leading worldwide market share in all of their major product lines and serves virtually all of the world’s airlines, aircraft manufacturers and leasing companies through its direct global sales and customer support organizations.  B/E’s Lighting & Integrated Systems offers a variety of solutions to both business jet and commercial OEM’s as well as airlines directly.  Major product lines include Interior Lighting, Exterior Lighting, Cabin Management System, Coax Cable & Trays, System Upgrade Provisions, Aerostructures & Interior Assemblies, Engineering, Design & Certification.   Primary operation locations are Bohemia, New York; New Berlin, Wisconsin; Great Falls, Montana; Winnipeg, MB, Canada.


The Avionics Certification Engineer responsibility is to design avionics installations, and modifications in accordance with design specifications, airworthiness standards, and customer requirements.  Responsibilities may also include conducting the necessary analysis, tests, and other activities to demonstrate that an avionics design complies with the relevant airworthiness standards.  Activities will be in support of design change approvals issued by Transport Canada and other civil aviation authorities.  Responsibilities may also include conducting avionics testing on aircraft and assisting with mentorship of the electrical avionics team.


  • Remain knowledgeable on the Transport Canada and foreign regulations, policies, standards, and advisories relevant to aircraft design change approval.
  • Provide certification input to avionics/electrical design activities, to ensure that certification requirements are met.
  • Review design data, related to avionics/electrical installations, and document compliance with the applicable airworthiness standards.
  • Prepare and review drawings and technical reports which demonstrate that avionics/electrical design data defines a configuration which complies with the relevant airworthiness standards.
  • Prepare test procedures, direct testing, and prepare test reports to prove that an avionics/electrical installation complies with the relevant airworthiness standards.
  • Develop wiring diagrams for electrical and / or avionics installations with considerations and constraints such as:
    • compliance with airworthiness standards
    • practicality of procurement, manufacture, and installation
    • material and installation costs
    • customer expectations / requirements
    • budget & schedule
  • Prepare drawings and / or liaise with draftsperson to coordinate preparation of drawings based on sketches.
  • Research applicable regulations, standards, advisories, and policies related to avionics certification, and determine applicability of such data to typical and non-typical avionics projects.
  • Work in a productive, cooperative, tolerant, and respectful way with customers, aviation authorities, and co-workers in the resolution of compliance, certification, and design issues.
  • Prepare high visibility and safety critical documents such as flight manual supplements and maintenance manual supplements.Exceptionally high English language and technical composition standards are required.
  • Participate in and direct on-aircraft testing of avionics/electrical systems.
  • Participate in off-site tasks such as surveys, installation evaluations, tests, and installation support activities.
  • Liaise with DAO members, TCCA, FAA, and/or other foreign airworthiness authorities to coordinate acceptance / approval of avionics modifications.
  • Participate in design reviews.


  • BSc. Degree in Electrical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering
  • Strong Background in civil aircraft avionics and electrical design and integration
  • Minimum of 3 years experience is required
  • Preferred: Formal training and/or experience in certification testing, compliance documentation, or aircraft certification.
  • Most work is performed in the office, however, domestic or international travel may be required up to 20% depending upon business or customer needs.
  • Familiar with Canadian Aviation Regulations, Advisories, and Standards
  • Familiar with architecture and on-airplane test procedures for avionics systems such as VHF navigation, communication, DME, transponder, TCAS, air data, autopilot, and flight director.
  • Familiar with the operation of typical avionics ramp test equipment
  • Familiar with operational and safety aspects of ground engine runs and avionics ground testing
  • Ability to communicate effectively with many levels of staff within the company’s and customer’s environment
  • Familiarity with conduct and safety requirements in aircraft manufacturing and maintenance facilities.
  • Exceptional technical writing ability. Ability to prepare technical reports such as compliance reports, flight manual supplements, and maintenance manual supplements.
  • Experienced on Microsoft Office software.

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