Jobs: Junior Ethical Hacker, GMV (Spain)

At GMV, we put our minds and knowledge at the service of our Space customers to provide them with the best possible solutions to meet their needs. After 30 years working side by side with our customers, GMV has established a reputation as a reliable and proactive partner. We work closely with our customers to look for innovative solutions that not only add value, but also help our customers meet the continuous challenges that the Space Industry faces.

Vacancy description

We are looking for someone with experience in ethical hacking:

  • Analysis of website-application and app security for Android and IOS.
  • Infrastructure security analysis
  • Identification and verification of solutions

Vacancy requirements

  • Required experience: 2 years
  • Application security analysis tools (burp, paros, sqlmap, ..)
  • Infrastructure security analysis tools (nmap, nessus, OpenVAS, nikto,…)
  • Standard server administration (HTTP, DNS, FTP, SMTP)
  • Post-baccalaureate vocational training
  • English B2

Contact data

Send your C.V. through:


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