The biggest structure in the universe, space solar power and Pi-Sat cubesat

56e43193c3618860628b45c1.jpgAstronomers say they’ve found the biggest structure in the universe and they named it the BOSS

In a study published in the newest issue of the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics, the scientists describe the BOSS Great Wall (BGW) as an enormous collection of galaxies more than one billion light-years across.

“Walls” like the BGW are part of the underlying structure of the universe. Most of space is a vast empty void, and all the stuff that astronomers look for — stars, planets, the galaxies they constitute — is threaded through that nothingness. Pulled together by gravity, galaxies coalesce into clusters, which in turn form larger structures called superclusters, as explained by PBS. Those are then corralled into “walls” — the coronary arteries of this giant system of matter, and the biggest things in space.

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US terrestrial non-fossil fuel energy vs. space solar power

The United States is facing two security threats that will force its use of fossil fuels to be abandoned this century and require it to build an immense new space-based sustainable energy industry. A global environmental security threat exists due to the uncertainty of the potential harm the abnormally high atmospheric carbon dioxide level could cause to the environment and human existence. The energy security threat arises from the rapid depletion of America’s remaining technically recoverable fossil fuel endowment and how this threatens our children’s and grandchildren’s standard of living.

The substantial US dependence on fossil fuels is at the heart of both of these threats. To resolve these threats, substantial new sustainable energy sources must be built. Many people incorrectly assume that these replacement energy sources will be terrestrial renewable and/or nuclear energy when, in fact, space-based sustainable energy—e.g., space solar power—is the only practical option.

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NASA’s Raspberry Pi-based Pi-Sat cubesat

oophoto_mar_11_3_31_44_pm_1The Innovative Technology Partnerships Office (ITPO) at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, invites educators, students and the general public to celebrate Pi Day and discover Pi-Sat.

Current technology trends indicate a shift in satellite architectures from large, single-satellite missions to small, distributed spacecraft missions. At the center of this shift is the small satellite and CubeSat architecture.

The primary goal of the Pi-Sat project is to create a low-cost and easy-to-use distributed spacecraft mission (DSM) test bed to facilitate the research and development of next-generation DSM technologies and concepts. This test bed also serves as a realistic software development platform for small satellite and CubeSat architectures.

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A job opening for a Robotics Engineer, Aurora Flight Sciences (USA). Aurora Flight Sciences is looking for a Robotics and Computer Science Engineer to work on and help architect autonomy software and algorithms for robotics systems in aerospace applications.  The qualifying engineer will have a background in computer science, mechanical engineering, or aero/astro engineering, and experience in software development for control of robotic systems. More information

Contribute to space exploration by participating in the project Astro Pi: devise computer science experiments to be run on board the ISS. There will be opportunities to examine the results of the winning competition experiments, and there will also be a data analysis activity where you can obtain a CSV file full of time-stamped sensor readings directly from Tim Peake. More information


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