Jobs: Flight Software Functional Test / Ground Systems Developer, P3I (USA)

P3I, Incorporated has an immediate need for a motivated software engineer to support research and development projects at the NASA GSFC in Greenbelt, MD.

Candidate will serve as a member of a highly flexible and committed Flight Computing System team and will be tasked with supporting a wide array of ongoing development, integration, and testing activities associated with embedded flight / ground systems. The team is currently supporting two major satellite rapid development projects through their full lifecycle, from design to operation. Candidate will provide flight software functional test and ground system development support throughout the entire life cycle of these projects. Candidate will work closely with team members to support development/test of flight system within the flastsat / lab and beyond as needed for the team to carry out integration, testing, and operations activities associated with the overall hardware / software flight system solution.

Duties will include supporting the team with:

  • Design / development of functional tests.
  • Design / development of ground system displays (GUIs).
  • Regression testing.

Position Requirements:

  • Must have a BS Degree in Computer Science / Engineering (or equivalent experience).
  • A minimum of 5 years related engineering and development experience.
  • Must have experience with ASIST and STOL scripting (or equivalent).
  • Must have experience with SVN/GIT.
  • Must have experience with testing flight/ground hardware/software systems.
  • Must be able to work on site full time at NASA/GSFC.
  • Must be able to support work outside “core” hours such as to facilitate flight hardware integration and testing campaigns (e.g. TVAC).
  • Must have excellent written/verbal communication skills.
  • Must be able to work in a fast paced/rapid development environment.
  • Must be able to work well with a highly diverse/interdisciplinary team.

Desired Skills:

  •  Experience with C/C++, Java, Python, XML
  •  Experience with unit testing frameworks (e.g. ant, cppunit)
  •  Experience with gcov
  •  Experience with Jenkins
  •  Experience writing test plans / procedures
  •  Experience with LaTeX

Apply here


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