Projects: The Astropy Project

About the project

The Astropy Project is a community effort to develop a core package for astronomy using the Python programming language and improve usability, interoperability, and collaboration between astronomy Python packages. The core Astropy package contains functionality aimed at professional astronomers and astrophysicists, but may be useful to anyone developing astronomy software. The Astropy Project also includes “affiliated packages,” Python packages that are not necessarily developed by the core development team, but share the goals of Astropy, and often build from the core package’s code and infrastructure.

How I can participate

The Astropy project is made both by and for its users and they accept contributions of many kinds.

Contribute code or documentation:

If you are interested in contributing fixes, code or documentation to Astropy (whether the core package or affiliated packages), you should join the astropy-dev mailing list/forum, and start looking at any related issues.

How to make a code contribution

Develop an affiliated package

Whether you have an idea for a new Astronomy package, or already have a package that you want to integrate with the Astropy project, you can develop an affiliated package!

Contribute feedback

There are several ways:

Useful links


Contribute Page



Astropy site


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