Jobs: CFD Developer, Comsol (Sweden)

COMSOL is searching for an engineer, physicist or applied mathematician with a strong background in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to join our team of developers at the Stockholm downtown office. The successful candidate should be specialized in turbulence modeling, flow in rotating machinery, multiphase flow, non-Newtonian fluids, non-isothermal flow or reacting flow, and have a general knowledge of finite element methods.

The CFD group is currently responsible for developing new functionality and maintaining existing functionality in the CFD Module, Mixer Module, Pipe-Flow Module and in the Fluid Flow branch of the COMSOL Multiphysics base package. These products are used by engineers and researchers in industry, research labs and academia to develop and design applications in a wide range of fields such as geophysical flows in the gas and oil industry; production in the aerospace, shipping and automotive industries; plant design involving piping, pumps, ventilation and air-conditioning systems; manufacturing of pharmaceuticals including mixers and reactors; cooling of electronic components and micro-scale electro-osmotic pumping and mixing, among numerous others.

The primary responsibilities for the members of the CFD group are to further develop these modules and to develop new modules in related fields. Other important tasks involve contributing to the marketing plans for these products, and supporting global sales. While the position is based in Stockholm, team members are expected to occasionally travel to Europe, Asia and the US to meet with customers and other developers.


  • Challenging problems in designing state-of-the-art engineering simulation tools
  • Highly creative and qualified teams with a diversity of experience
  • Great career opportunities with lots of international contacts at a quickly growing high-tech software company
  • Casual atmosphere in a spacious office


We are looking for an individual with a genuine interest in mathematical modeling, computational physics and software development. Applicants are required to have,

  • a Ph.D. in engineering, physical sciences or applied mathematics in the field of fluid mechanics,
  • a general knowledge of finite element methods,
  • demonstrated experience with computational modeling,
  • strong written and verbal communication skills – English language. (We do not require Swedish as a spoken language.)

Prior experience with COMSOL Multiphysics is a plus, as is knowledge of Java programming. Asymptotic methods for solving nonlinear partial differential equations may come in handy when developing new applications and when estimating the validity of simulation results.

Apply here


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