Jobs: Engine Systems Engineer, GKN (Sweden)

Role Purpose

Propulsion Engineering is all about propulsion systems, both flying and land based. We are situated in Trollhättan and our main objective is to support and develop RM12 –the propulsion system of the JAS 39 Gripen fighter.

The department is primarily working with:

  • Analysis, evaluation and prediction of engine performance and operability.
  • Development and support of engine control and monitoring systems.
  • Product monitoring, analysis and investigations of engine hardware and function.

The department Propulsion Engineering consists of people with extensive experience in RM12, from product development to product support and is one of three departments focusing on engine systems in a life cycle perspective. Due to work load we are looking for a new colleague to our team.

Key Responsibilities
The department organizes Engine Systems Engineers, with a mission to ensure functionality, lifing and airworthiness for the engine modules, auxiliary equipment or engine systems. This means that you are responsible for developing and maintaining knowledge and understanding by systematic use of experience from product development, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, testing and field use. Typical tasks could be to collect data/experience from testing, initiate and contribute to design improvements based on experience or changed requirements or conduct investigations and problem solving at component or engine system level.

You will focus on the auxiliaries for RM12 and work together with our team of Engine Systems Engineers and Design Engineer Component Responsible.

Qualifications / Experience / Skills
  • You are an engineer with at least a BSc degree education or documented, for the position, relevant technical experience.
  • You have focus on results in time with quality assurance, always with the customer needs in mind.
  • Good communication skills both internally and externally and ability to take lead within improvements programs/tasks.
  • As a person, you have a genuine interest in aviation and aerospace engines and can combine theoretical knowledge with practice. You have an ability to understand both the practical application of the hardware in use and analytical approach to design, failure modes, design intent etc.
  • You are comfortable in taking on an individual responsibility as well as being a true team player.
  • You can easily communicate in both Swedish and English, written as well as verbal.

Apply here


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