We are humans from planet Earth who are fascinated by incredible opportunities of exploring space, expanding our knowledge about it, traveling to and settling on other planets. We started spacer.im with the following goals in mind:

  • learning more about space
  • contributing to space innovations
  • playing, experimenting and creating cool open source space technologies.

This place is for people with all backgrounds and even without those since we believe that passion drives innovation. If you are excited about space as much as we are, welcome aboard!

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 15.24.22Liza Avramenko. I dig space. Trying to understand not only how the universe works but also what mysteries it carries has led me to a small life goal – build and launch a mini-satellite. Down the line of my amateur “space exploration” I have met incredible people also fascinated by space. We saw no ways to contribute to space exploration. And this is how Spacer was born.

profileValentin Bryukhanov. My passion for the Space exploration has begun in childhood with sci-fi books. Next were Astronomy lessons. Space was one of the reasons why I chose the technical path for myself. But many years I have not had opportunities to use my skills within the space industry. And now with Spacer, I want to make my contribution into the future of space exploration.

How to add a challenge

Do you have in mind a challenge that you think humanity could face while exploring the space? If you want to brainstorm collectively this issue, send us an email at info@spacer.im with your challenges and will publish them for all the community.

How to add your project

If you have a project you’ve always wanted to work on and you are looking for more people to join to make things moving, here’s the right place to announce and invite others to it. To get your mission posted simply send us an email at info@spacer.im with the following information:

Project name:
Description and application in the space industry:
Major challenges that you face:
Team members needed:
Email, website and other contact information:
Once we publish your project we’ll send you an email 

How to add a job

If you are a company within the space industry looking for talented team members excited about space, send us an email at info@spacer.im and we’ll get back to you with more information on how to get you jobs posted at http://spacer.im/

How to participate in a hackathon

Spacer Hackathon, an event organized by the Spacer Co, invites everybody to make their contributions to space exploration growth. Our goal is to gather together inspiring innovators and makers, play with different ideas that will be open to the rest of the world upon the end of the event for further contributions.

For sponsorship, partnership, co-organizing and co-hosting opportunities please contact us at liza@spacer.im